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Naked and famous jeans - innovation meets tradition

Shai | September 3, 2013

Brandon Svarc's and Bahzad Trinos' approach to denim is inspiring. They take a heritage product and a market that is usually bound to historical design conventions, and turn them up side down. Innovative thinking and fantastic sense of humour, this is the world of Naked and Famous. Continue Reading

Britain's remaining traditional tannery

78% | August 3, 2013

J & FJ Baker & Co Ltd, a family-run tannery in Devon, UK, is believed to be Britain's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery still in production. It has been owned by tha Par family for 150 years - although a tannery is said to have existed in the area since Roman times. In this beautiful slide show, Mr Andrew Par outlines the ancient process used to transform hides to leather. It was originally recorded and photographed by Paul Glendell/Classic Cases for the BBC News web site August 2011. Continue Reading

Road test - carryology - Gustav Bag

78% | July 17, 2013

John Canfield is a bag geek. He is not only a contributor to Carryology, arguably the best carry blog, but also hand makes bags under his brand High Above. The man knows bags inside out. It is therefore only natural that we felt a bit nervous when he took our Gustav bag on a thorough road test. We love his review of our Gustav not only because its flattering, but because it is very well written! Here it is. Continue Reading

The Weekly Review - The Power of The Man Bag - Interview

78% | June 14, 2013

When Shai Levy decided to start a men’s accessories label, he had stylish bags in mind. Born in Tel Aviv, the 42-year-old pilot turned fashion designer moved to Hong Kong 10 years ago and took a leap of faith in a new direction. His label, Seventy Eight Percent, is hailed the new hero on the scene – with everyone from Wallpaper to Milk magazine saluting its stylish arrival. Continue Reading

Meet The Designers - Rushfaster Interviews Shai Levy

78% | April 17, 2013

Seventy Eight Percent are passionate about bags. In their eyes, a bag must be ergonomic, functional and stylish. We couldn’t agree more. The challenge of bringing these elements together is what the brand enjoys most, and as we learnt from founder and co-designer Shai Levy recently, beyond the long design process involved with making bags of this caliber, Seventy Eight Percent has four specific elements crucial to sourcing materials of a successful new product. Continue Reading

A man & a woman - our dimitri bag co-starring this short movie by room 2046

78% | September 24, 2012

Set to the soundtrack sung by Pierre Barouh from the 60's French film, "Un Homme et Une Femme," singer/songwriter Owen Carrier of Sweet Thing and model Misty Fox star in this short film about two strangers, seemingly sharing similar interests and sartorial sophistication, and their missed connections over the course of a week. Continue Reading

Luxury Society interviews Shai Levy

78% | August 15, 2012

“My idea – which sounds simple but is not easy to pull off – is to create products that excel in three fundamental dimensions; functionality, quality and style,” explains Shai Levy, founder and creative director of Seventy Eight Percent. “Many brands execute one of the elements really well, some get two. However, hardly any of the brands in the fashion accessory and luggage markets reaches an outstanding level on all three fronts.” Continue Reading

Monique Reid - A Chronicle of a Visit to Our Studio

Shai | July 4, 2012

Monique Reid came into our world almost a year ago when she ordered a Katz backpack and an Agnetha iPad case from our online shop. Despite being a busy attorney, she kept sending us updates about the whereabouts of our products and gave us thorough and useful feedbacks. Monique also kept sending her friends over to our website and has been a great supporter. Continue Reading

Hong Kong Art Fair

78% | May 17, 2012

Hong Kong Art Fair is here again and worth your time if you are in HK this week. We selected a few of our favorite works. Noteworthy but not included is 'Other Faces', a beautiful animation movie by William Kentrige (check him out on YouTube!) and amazing Sculptures by Yi Hwan-Kwon, which are impossible to grasp or shoot. Enjoy! Continue Reading

The Tuscan leather Tanning Process

78% | April 21, 2012

Those of you who want to learn more about the qualities of vegetable tanned leather and its production methods need look no further. This movie was filmed in Tuscany, an italian region known for top quality leather manufacturing, where the art of vegetable tanning was perfected over centuries. Continue Reading