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We keep things simple - We meticulously examine every feature, material, and manufacturing process we adopt, or reject. By passing our designs through this distillation process, we create refined products that truly lend themselves to the versatile lifestyles and needs of their owners.

We love our job, and are passionate about the things we do - We dedicate ourselves to creating outstanding products that fuse function and beauty. We make them from the best, and most unique materials we can find. They are all singular and imperfect, like all things created by hand.

We believe that our planet's landfills are full enough - We neither consume nor produce junk. We build our products to last and design them to age beautifully.

Shai Levy Designer. Founder & CEO.
Harold Poon Designer. Head of Product.

The quality of the materials we use and their inherent nature affects the longevity of the products you own, and the way they age.

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“ So many objects these days are either bland and mass-produced for a vast global audience, or over-designed and over-specialized to the point of not being practical outside their narrowly defined use.

That's why what Seventy Eight Percent are doing is such a pleasure to see. Their passion for what they do manifests itself in every facets of the unique objects they create. At the same time there is a restraint in their work, which gives room for the objects to adapt to their owner's diverse lifestyles. ”

- Kenzo Y.

Each of our products age differently, following their owners' lifestyle and journeys. The longer they used, the closer they get the perfection.

“ Minimalist detailing, truly unique, and high in quality. ”

- Magnus

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