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The brand is named after a design manifesto that encourages designers to embed flaws in their designs, thereby creating imperfect products. The manifesto asserts that by compensating for their products' shortfalls and advancing hem towrds perfection, owners develop a symbiotic relationship and a strong bond with their products.

The manifesto was written by Elad Klein, a dear friend and and exceptional artist, musician and designer, who relentlessly explored the boundaries between art and design. Elad concluded that 78% is the ideal amount of perfection. More than that does does not allow for the owners' touch and less than that results in a useless or unappealing product.

Passing at the age of 31 in a kayak accident brought an unexpected end to Elad's creative process, leaving his artistic and musical visions unfinished. We named the brand Seventy Eight Percent to celebrate his extraordinary creatice spiritm and keep it alive.

Elad Klein Self portraits on Spizzico pizza plates