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We meticulously examine every feature, material, and manufacturing process we adopt, or reject. By passing our designs through this distillation process, we create refined products that truly lend themselves to the versatile lifestyles and needs of their owners.

“ The love for my Dimitri has grown in this past year. It was with me in any weather and many travels and all the marks and signs of wearing are just adding character to it. It is now softer and has perfectly adapted to the shape of my body. ”

- Matteo Ferrario


Our products take time to break in. The materials soften, their colors deepen and shine as they develop a unique patina.

Each of our products age differently, following their owners' lifestyle and journeys. The longer they are used, the closer they get to perfection.


Hover over the images to reveal the effect of time and use on our products.

Schults Bag - 2 Years

Schults Bag - 3 Years

Dimitri Bag - 1.5 Years

Dimitri Bag - 1 Years

Fritz Card Holder - 2.5 Years

Fritz Card Holder - 2 Years