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Use your bag, treat it with love, and it will look better over time. Dry and clean your bag thoroughly before you store it, and refrain from keeping it in a humid envirnoment.

Leather parts should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. No soap, no water. If scratched, rub gently with a cloth or treat with natural wax. It is recommended to treat the leather every once in a while with natural wax or leather cream. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun. Avoid exposure to too much water.
The canvas can be cleaned with damp cloth and mild detergent (In case you are not sure, try the detergent on a small hidden area). It is recommended to deal with stains as soon as possible. Warming the canvas’ surface would fade creases from usage and refinish its surface. Warmed beeswax can be rubbed into the canvas to maintain maximum water-repellence.
Do not use soap or any other cleaning solution as it may remove some dye and create an uneven fade. If there is a minor spillage, we recommend dry rubbing or dabbing with a paper napkin or cloth.


We hope that you will use your bag long enough for it to need a repair. We will be happy to do the job for you but we believe that giving some work to your local repair shop / cobbler is the best way to go. If you know of a great local repair shop, we would appreciate it if you could let us know about it so we could recommend it to others.

If you want us to repair the bag for you
contact us for instructions